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A rapid-fire overview of our trade & market research tasks. We'll do some in-depth investigation into each of these areas: The product or service you'll sell/buy the country or countries you'll export/import from the trade channel you'll use (direct sales, representative, distributor or commission representative)
The customer you'll aim for commodities, automotive, heavy industry, mass-market consumer, light industry, medical or hospital use, government, business or professional.
International trade can be a tricky business. How well do you know your clients? What payment method is most appropriate?
We offer also comprehensive range of trade and export finance products designed to reduce trade and credit risks when you do business abroad.
Who is payments partner that can meet the challenges of a rapidly-globalizing international payments system. Volumes of cross-border financial transactions continue to grow, involving greater complexities and an increasing number of currencies: our transaction solutions has been designed to meet these challenges for companies of all sizes, offering all types of financial services.
• Right partner for all local and international payment needs
• Connection to all major clearing systems
• Network of international correspondent banks
• Highly efficient payment infrastructure
• best quality in international payment processing
• Cash management optimization